Alert Music Company

Alert Music Company is our umbrella company for all things music-related for your event . You need it… we can provide it; DJ or band for a reception, trio or duo for a cocktail hour, etc.

Curtis has been a mobile and club DJ since 1981 and has transitioned from records to CD’s to digital formatted music. With these transitions, his equipment has evolved with it – from turntables to dual professional CD players and ultimately to multi-media players. Curtis possesses a wide variety of music that can accommodate multiple types of events, including weddings, reunions, block parties, corporate events, holiday parties, graduations – really any event you can think up.

Curtis also has club experience including a fifteen year run at The Pub at Doral Arrowwood Conference Center and working at local clubs when opportunities have presented themselves through the years.

“Curt Love” (Curtis’ DJ alter ego) has a DJ style that is of the “mixologist” type, like NYC DJ’s Shep Pettibone and Mr. Magic. He is a perfectionist when it comes to transitions – the ultimate goal is always for the crowd not to notice that there even was one.

His sidekick (and wife), Lotte Winchester, has been a wedding DJ for 22 years and got her chops working for renowned Westchester agency BOK Music, who Lotte still works for and both often contract for.

As far as equipment, we pride ourselves on having quality gear!!  We went digital years back and use Virtual DJ Pro and Traktor Pro utilizing dual laptops to deliver ultimate satisfaction to our clients. For speakers, we use QSC K10 and K8 speakers, and a Peavey Subwoofer. We also have a Denon HD 2500 Media Player connected to our Denon X400 Mixer.